Voimaannuttava viesti Sinulle, jota on kiusattu

Viime päivinä on puhuttu paljon kiusaamisesta. On surullista kuinka moni sen kohteeksi joutuu jossain vaiheessa elämäänsä. Ongelma on monitahoinen ja toistuu aivan liian usein niin lasten kuin aikuistenkin maailmassa. En pureudu nyt omiin kokemuksiin tai haavoihin, enkä etsi syyllisiä, vaan haluan lähettää voimaannuttavan viestin kaikille, joita on kiusattu.

Vaikka välillä tuntuisi että koko maailma on sinua vastaan, se menee ohi. On tulossa parempia aikoja ja elämässä on niin paljon kaunista ja hyvää. Älä lakkaa olemasta oma itsesi vain siksi ettei joku hyväksy sinua sellaisena kuin olet. Vaikka joskus tuntuisi että voimasi ovat loppumassa, älä koskaan luovuta. Se päivä tulee koittamaan, jolloin huomaat, että kaikesta huolimatta – tai ehkä juuri siksi, olet kaunis, olet vahva, olet tärkeä ja sinua rakastetaan.

Anna valosi loistaa, vuorosi tulee vielä.

Kokosin tähän alle muutamia amerikkalaisen Ash Alvesin (@ashalves) ajatuksia, jotka resonoivat omalla kohdalla. Toivon että löydät tästä itsellesi jotain, joka auttaa jaksamaan olipa tilanteesi mikä hyvänsä.


It takes courage to be yourself in a world where you are constantly told that who you are isn’t enough. Being yourself is the biggest gift you can offer yourself and others. Be brave enough to show the world who you are without an apology.


Preserve your peace. Don’t let just anyone in your intimate space. You are sacred and deserve to protect yourself from low vibration things and people.


Don’t allow the opinion of others to make you question who you are. Trust your inner knowing and build a foundation of self-assurance strong enough so no one can make you question your value.


Feeling like you’re constantly overlooked can make us question our worthiness. Your worth can never be determined by someone else. People not giving you the credit that you deserve is always their loss. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.


Sometimes we go through certain things and think why me? Life is going to keep slapping you in the face. You have to make a promise to yourself that whatever happens, nothing will stop you from finding your joy.

-Ash Alves


My negative experiences forced me to confront and sit with myself. In those moments of darkness, I discovered my strength – my ability to overcome any obstacle that comes my way.


And despite hitting rock bottom, you got back up. When you thought you wouldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, you created it. Your story is one of overcoming. Please acknowledge how powerful you are.


You have a track record of getting through some difficult times. Don’t let temporary disruption make you forget the multiple times you overcame adversity. Remember how powerful you are.


Forgive yourself for your past transgressions. You know better now. Accept that you will fall short at times and you may stray away from your values. What matters most is how you use it to do better next time. Offer yourself another chance to get it right.


It’s daunting to admit the part we played in a negative situation. It’s much easier to place the blame on people and things outside ourselves. Taking accountability is how you become the victor of your own story. It’s how you take your power back.

-Ash Alves


You are not the person you used to be. Don’t be afraid to tell people that you’ve changed. Your boundaries look different. Your outlook is different. You are not tolerating what you used to. You are walking on a path of purpose and conviction. Reintroduce yourself so they get to know the new you.


You can do as much planning and theorizing as you want but nothing can prepare you for certain life experiences. Sometimes life hits us with surprises that we were not prepared for. Whilst planning, be flexible and be kind to yourself when things don’t go according to plan.


Trust your intuition. You know more than you think you do and often your gut feeling is right. Trust that you’ve got your best interest at heart.


Give yourself permission to want something different. You may have been used to playing small and undermining your gifts. Don’t shy away from what you want, even if it looks different from the paths pursued by those around you. Stand proud and go after your hearts desire.

-Ash Alves

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